LCO Style

Hola, it’s Vizzy!  I work hard to keep my fur fuzzed, so I was asked to do a special guest post on LCO style.  MagAO has been immersed in the culture of LCO for a month, and they are a stylish bunch indeed.  Here we go!

Yours truly, guest blogger

LCO is a pretty stylin’ place.

Caution: Style ahead.

What with the jumpsuits,

Nelson and Miguel watch in style, as the ASM is trucked up

clean room attire,

Marco, Armando, and Katie working the clean room look. Note the fine Italian booties.

ASM-handling accessories,

Laird and Juan accessorize their ASM-handling look with an of-the-moment face mask and purple gloves

hard hats,

Hard hat style -- Jared and Katie. (Note laser for alignment at upper center.)

and steel-toe shoes…

Most colorful steel toes

MagAO worked at LCO in style.

LCO staff always inspire me to keep up my look:

Emilio Cerda, style inspiration

Miguel Méndez and Nelson Ibacache style their jumpsuits with colorful harnesses

Juan Gallardo works the striped and color-blocked style

Pato Jones has great style -- I love the creativity in his scarf! He also donated his clean-room jacket to the cause of sun protection for the ASM

Povilas Palunas kicks it in my favorite steel-toe boots

Laird Close, the PI of MagAO, is a style leader as well.

Laird Close keeps it cool

Laird brought with him a plethora of Italians, Arizonans, and Californians to put together MagAO.

Armando Riccardi is the leader of ASM style

Simone Esposito leads Pyramid style

Alfio Puglisi, software style

Runa Briguglio, ASM and tea style

Enrico Pinna, Pyramid style

Marco Xompero, ASM style

Alan Uomoto, tech manager style

Tyson Hare, all-round engineering style

Phil Hinz, Clio PI, shows his LBTI pride

Katie Morzinski, Sagan Postdoctoral Fellow, styles her steel-toe sneakers with stripey/plaid/color-blocked looks and an HR 8799 T-shirt

Derek Kopon, first MagAO PhD, goes for a crisp clean look, while carrying a delicate optic for pizazz

Jared Males, VisAO Instrument Scientist and MagAO Real-Time and Networking Software Engineer, styles his hat like Robin Hood

Kate Follette, Astronomer, has a versatile look, from cool to angelic, in her range of headwear and spot-lighting

T.J. Rodigas kicks back in his UofA track suit, Rocket Scientist T-shirt, and carries a must-have MacBook Pro

Ya-Lin Wu, MagAO's newest team member, looks slick in modern observing wear

In conclusion, I will miss this stylish team when the last of them depart LCO tomorrow.  Thanks for always taking flattering photos of me, guys!  And see you in 2013A!

Laird, Alan, Alfio, Simone, Jared, Armando, Mauricio, Phil, and Marco

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