2014B Day 8: Keep Calm

We were clouded out for the first half of the night. Once we got open, we started out observing “Runa’s Star”. Runa picked his star as a set up target during our commissioning run 2 years ago. He also deserves credit for designing one side of our MagAO coffee mugs.

Runa Briguglio created our “Keep Calm and Close the Loop” graphic. It looks great on our personalized mugs.

Once the clouds cleared we got to work.

Trapezium A, B, and E all on our 8″x8″ VisAO detector (7 stars total)

Too bad this almost ruined our night

The MagAO team took a sunset selfie tonight

Sunset was pretty amazing. This is looking back east towards the Andes.

Our pre-observing supper

Far field: A nice panorama of the observatory. Near field: the instrument scientist of MagAO.

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