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2017A Day 8: Vizzy day

It has been a busy day. We were searching for planets hidden in young disks but suddenly got attacked by another DSP board failure. Luckily we quickly fixed the problem and closed the loop at an amazing 0.35 arcsecond seeing. Wonderful … Continue reading

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2017A Day 3: Umbrella

It was cloudy and windy and foggy, so we stayed in the control room waiting for the clouds to go away. Laird felt bored at the beginning of the night, but he immediately realized the adaptive secondary mirror was in … Continue reading

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MagAO helped identify the progenitor of SN 2016adj

It is rare for MagAO to carry out extragalactic observations because suitable natural guide stars are hard to find. But this time we have got some luck. A week ago (February 8), a bright supernova, SN 2016adj, appeared in the … Continue reading

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