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New Results In The Chamaeleon

Now that the MagAO team has (mostly) recovered from our epic 6 week stay at LCO, we are turning our attention to processing all of the great data we’ve been taking. We’re also happy to announce two new publications based … Continue reading

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New Spatially Resolved Observations of the T Cha Transition Disk and Constraints on the Previously Claimed Substellar Companion

Abstract: We present multi-epoch non-redundant masking observations of the T Cha transition disk, taken at the VLT and Magellan in H, Ks, and L’ bands. T Cha is one of a small number of transition disks that host companion candidates … Continue reading

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New Extinction and Mass Estimates from Optical Photometry of the Very Low Mass Brown Dwarf Companion CT Chamaeleontis B with the Magellan AO System

Abstract: We used the Magellan adaptive optics (MagAO) system and its VisAO CCD camera to image the young low mass brown dwarf companion CT Chamaeleontis B for the first time at visible wavelengths. We detect it at r’, i’, z’, … Continue reading

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