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High Resolution H alpha Images of the Binary Low-mass Proplyd LV 1 with the Magellan AO System

Disks of gas and dust around newly born stars, dubbed protoplanetary disks (proplyds), are believed to evolve into planetary systems. Understanding how these disks are affected by strong light/wind from nearby massive stars is crucial to theories of planet formation … Continue reading

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The First Circumstellar Disk Imaged in Silhouette at Visible Wavelengths with Adaptive Optics : MagAO Imaging of Orion 218-534

The flat pancake-like disks of gas and dust that surround young stars (so-called “circumstellar disks”) are of interest to astronomers because we believe that planets are made from their material. In the 1990s, the Hubble Space Telescope completed groundbreaking observations … Continue reading

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