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MagAO Commissioning Day 11: A calibration riddle

Here’s a riddle for all you AO fans out there: What aberration can be sensed but not corrected? Usually an AO system has the opposite problem: There are aberrations you can correct but not measure.  And of course, there are … Continue reading

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Vibrating Crow

Our CRO is a very fast f/1 optic, and our ASM makes an f/16 beam. So motions of the CRO are amplified by a factor of 16 in our focal planes. We can see this on the VisAO CCD47 as … Continue reading

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MagAO pupils and Fourier optics

Today we are going to explore the MagAO pupils and their corresponding transforms in the image plane, courtesy of Fourier optics. So let’s have a look at the pupil.  Here is a photo of the ASM, taken with a digital … Continue reading

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