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The Shutter in Closed Loop Action

The Magellan AO VisAO camera includes a novel system for performing “frame selection”, which is the technique of using only periods of good seeing and/or AO correction in the final science image. Traditional “lucky imaging” does this by reading short … Continue reading

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Video demo: Acquiring a star and closing the loop

This video demonstrates the MagAO high-level software GUIs used to acquire the star, set up the AO system, and close the loop.  The entire process takes about ~3-4 min. at this time. (Filmed by Alfio, narrated by Laird, cameo by … Continue reading

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Pre-ship review

The MagAO project hosted our Pre-Ship Review (PSR) last week at Arcetri Observatory in Florence.  The purpose of this review was to ensure that lab work on the AO system is complete and that MagAO is ready to move to … Continue reading

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